Exhaust Valve Spindle and Seats

The reconditioning of Exhaust Valve Spindles and Seats is done using fully automatic CNC equipment and automatic Robotic Welders to ensure that the process and finished product meets and exceeds original makers standards and specifications.


Exhaust Valve Spindle standard full reconditioning procedure


1)  Sandblasting

2) Testing and inspection of markings to determine is Stellite type or Nimonic

3) Machining of the seat surface

3) Machining of fire side face (up to 6mm)

4) Preheating

5) Gradual build-up of fire side face using original material (up to 6mm)

6) Gradual rebuilding with Nimonic 80A (for Nimonic Type) or Stainless steel with Stellite #6  

    in way of seat area (for Stellite Type)

7) Gradual cool down and stress relief after all welding procedures

6) Final machining to makers standards

7) Dye check for crack detection on completion of work

8) Grinding of the seat to makers tolerances

Valve-spindle-after-reconditoing rta-84c-seat reconditioning_map_v03_8 reconditioning_map_v03_6 reconditioning_map_v03_3 - Copy MC-VALVE-SEAT-FINAL-MACHINING MACHINING-OF-VALVE-SPINDLE-AFTER-FULL-ROBOTIC-WELDING MACHINING-OF-VALVE-SPINDLE Exhaust Valve Spindle and Seat after Reconditioning MC 90 after Full Reconditioning MC 90 Piston and Spindle after Full Reconditioning MC 90 Seat after Reconditioning